Lauryn Fjærestad



Lauryn is a major metal-head, essentially the queen of the metal clique at her high school. She is good friends with André, a guitarist, and they are working on starting a metal band with her as the lead singer.

Lauryn grew up without any knowledge that her father, Yiska Benalli, had been what he was. Then, one day she found a box in the attic (while looking for Christmas Presents) that contained something incredibly unexpected: her father’s old superhero suit, and a scrapbook and diary of his exploits, among other things. After sitting down with the pet cat, she realized that she can not only communicate with animals, but also shape-shift into them. Unfortunately, after a (very) short discussion with her mother, she found out that her father’s demised had involved his powers. Now, Lauryn’s mother is afraid of her and Lauryn was afraid that anyone would find out what she could do.

Later, during a trip to Brazil, a plane trip ended with a splash smack dab in the middle of the ocean. Though everyone made it into the life rafts, the events that followed threw Lauryn into the water. To save herself, as she isn’t a very good swimmer, she turned into a dog, and later became a porpoise to save a friend. Though most everyone didn’t notice a thing, the other mutants among them knew exactly what was going on.

Lauryn Fjærestad

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