The Next Marvel

The First Day
"If we desire peace it must be known at all times that we are ready for war."

The game begins with the first day of highschool, in a generic (fabricated) highschool in Melbourne, Australia.
All of the kids are in the same freshman homeroom class, and only some of the kids know each other from middle school. The homeroom teacher explains that there will be a charity rugby game afterschool today, and afterward a buffet and a bonfire, in order to welcome all of the new students and their families.

The homeroom teacher then goes on to explain that today she will be taking role call, followed by a quick debate on an important subject from today’s paper. She opens up the newspaper and quickly skims the editorials to find the debate topic of Meta-Human Rights. The teacher announces that teams will be randomly assigned if volunteers cannot be found, and in the end the teams end up as follows:

Pro Meta-Human Rights
Sofia Q Sussman (volunteered)
Sid (volunteered)
Marek daCosta (assigned)

Against Meta-Human Rights
Absolom Guthrie (volunteered)
Delilah Brooks (volunteered)
Helmut Schmidt (assigned)

The debate is largely sedate, with both sides dispationately expressing their viewpoints that meta-humans may or may not be deserving of the same rights as normal Australians. After the debate is over, some of the kids notice that there are a few rowdy jock-like students in the back of the class passing around an advertisement for a rally in support of a newly formed organization called Y.A.P. – or Youth Alliance for Purity. The paper shows a map to the old fairgrounds on the back, and Delilah manages to score her own copy after her performance during the debate.
The rest of the school day goes by somewhat uneventfully. After school, Marek and Absolom notice that their siblings are both missing, and fear that they may have been taken to the Y.A.P. rally as both are somewhat strange looking individuals, albeit harmless.
(to be continued)


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